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1. Select profiles
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First you choose other TikTok accounts that have the types of followers that you'd like to gain.

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Proven® will follow and like the posts of people who follow the profiles you select. Just keep putting out great content.

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The people we engage with are already likely to be interested in your content, so you'll gain new followers daily!

TikTok Influence opens up BIG opportunities 🤑

Now more than ever, brands turn to TikTok for micro-influencer marketing. With just 10K followers, you can charge brands $20-$30 per post – and a lot more as you grow! We'll help you get there.

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Enjoy quality growth that benefits you

Not all followers are created equal. When you grow with Proven®, we make sure you get real and quality followers that will help you reach your goals on TikTok.

Safe & Secure

Your account and information is completely secure with Proven®


If you're not happy with Proven®, simply request your money back within 5 days!

Automated Your Growth

We got this! After set up, sit back and we'll handle getting you new, real, and quality followers

Quick & Easy

Signing up is easy and takes just a few minutes.

U.S. Based Team

Our entire team is here in sunny Southern California and happy to help 24/7!

More Likes & Comments

These are real followers that are interested in your content, so your engagement will increase too.

Explore more Proven® benefits

Estimate Future Growth With AI

After we’ve got enough data on your account, we can provide you with a 30 day growth estimate that constantly updates.

Explore In-Depth Growth Reports

You’ll have access to growth-reports in your dashboard to track follower growth overtime, and daily growth as well.

See Your Top Engagers

Find out who your super fans are! On our Pro or higher plans, we track who likes the most posts of yours, and who comments the most. Make connections with these super-fans!

Choose Your Target Followers

You’ll be able to target followers by choosing other TikTokkers that already have a follower-base you want, or by targeting hashtags.

Track Your Post Performance

We track how well all of your posts perform, so you can see which posts are getting the most engagement. This helps plan future content.

Customize Your Growth Settings

You can set up filters to avoid or target very specific followers, speed up or slow down your growth, and even set up preferred genders.

Leave the spammy growth tactics behind

Unlike most other TikTok Growth Services, Proven® leaves the shady tactics at the door. We grow your account without spam, without overcharging our clients, and without fake followers.

No Spam

We don’t create a bunch of fake spammy accounts to message a bunch of people asking them to follow you. Imagine asking somebody to follow, don’t beg.

No overpriced plans

We’re the most affordable growth service on the market. Because Proven® is so established, we’ve been able to drive prices down for our clients while competitors are still over-charging.

No shady growth team

We’re a team that you can trust with your account’s safety. Unlike most off-shore companies without much regulation, our entire team is based in the U.S.

No fake followers

A lot of TikTok growth companies will pump your account up with fake bot followers to make you think they’re doing a good job. This is terrible for your account. Proven® gets you real results, and REAL people as followers.

"This growth tool is like magic..."

Gives you real fans!

I've watched my account grow so much the past month. Gives you real fans and interactions on your page. I definitely recommend if you're looking to improve your account.

8,734 Followers Gained From Proven®
Results I have received is amazing

I've Been Using Proven For about 2.5 months now & the results I have received is amazing!!! It's so awesome to be able to just post content & have them manage my account.

19,043 Followers Gained From Proven®
So much help for my account!

Proven has been so much help for my account! They will get you real followers that interact with your videos. 10/10 recommended to the people that want a kick start to their account!

15,509 Followers Gained From Proven®

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